Dreams for the New Year…

    Since the laNew World st time I wrote a lot has happened in my life, and I went through a metamorphosis of a sort… I had a very intense year with many (MANY) challenging experiences and times when I thought I would just go on and end it all by jumping from my window (or a bridge or any other tall place really). Some friends went out of my life, others came in it, but my outlook on life started to change, and is still in the process of transformation. And as you all know, change of any sort can be stressful and scary. 

   However, somehow, with the endless support of my friends I am getting out of that deep dark place in which life makes no sense, and trying to figure out which turn my life will take next. The first thing on the agenda – writing. I have not written as much as I would have liked in the past year, but hopefully, this is the year of inspiration and creation! 🙂 And what a better way to start than by writing a Bucket list, or rather  – 101+ things I want to do before I die. I got this idea from a class mate of mine. She made hers some time ago, and encouraged me to write my own version. So, I figured that was the best way to start this years’ journey. I am sharing it with you all in hope you too get inspired, dream big, and make all your secret wishes and hopes into reality! If you do make it, and you feel comfortable enough, share it with me, for I am always interested in dreams and desires of the heart and mind… 🙂

Courage and inspiration to all!


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