Well It’s been a while since I wrote. But in the true spirit of New Year’s resolutions, I wanted to write again, in hope that I will write more often in the next year.

ImageThese days I’ve been talking to people, and thinking about how much have those who were or still are a part of my life, changed me. To what extent do each and every one of us influence people around us? And how much do we influence their lives, without even realizing it. This summer I was in Denmark with one of my best friends, and we went to a Sand sculptures exhibition. The exhibition itself was very inspirational (you can check it out here, but there was this one peace that me and my friend really loved. It was called ”In the mind of the mask” by an artist named Bob Atisso from Togo. Now this is what it said on the sculpture: ,,Every single meeting shapes us one way or another because there is no useless on earth. We are all uncompleted human-beings.” After reading that and thinking about the concept of  how much others shape our minds and lives, we were both deeply moved. And that is true, we are shaped by others and we shape others by (not)being ourselves. Every meeting defines us, and we are all really uncompleted human-beings. But the question is whether we like the way we are changing and the way we change?

For me, I usually realize how much someone has influenced my thoughts and emotions at that moment when that person has already gone out of my life. We part ways for one thing or another, for the fact that our lives have gone separate ways, or because of a disagreement, words said etc. But, I have realized that my favorite moment is when you first meet someone and when you realize how much you really want that person to be a part of your life, and by being there, change it. However there is always the all so frightening question of whether that person WANTS to be a part our life. And if so, how long will that last?

However, maybe it’s the restless uncertainty that drives us further? How would our life look like, if we knew exactly what will happen next and in what way will we impact other people’s lives? Would that be easier or harder? And do we really know the answer to that scary question: If you had the power to turn back time, would you do something differently?Do you have a ready answer?

In the last year or so, I’ve been questioning whether the choices I’ve made in the past, like choosing the Faculty of dramatic Arts, instead of The Faculty of Electrical engineering, were really the right ones, and would it have been better to go back in time and erase these three years of my life? But then I remember all the people I’ve met in these three years, I remember all the adventures we have gone through together, thanks to exactly this path I have chosen, and these people I have chosen and that have chosen me, and not some other. And I remember how much have all those people affected my life in one way or another, either through a prism of good or bad memories, and led me to this moment here, to the person I am now. And this moment here and now is not at all a bad one. And yes, maybe if I had chosen a different path, I would have met different people, and had some equally interesting stories to share, but to be honest, these ones now, to me, are irreplaceable.

How different would my life have been if I had enrolled into the closest high school, instead of the recommended one? My memories would have been completely different, and in all fairness I don’t want them to be different.

I guess what I am trying to say is: The choices I’ve made in the past have led me to this moment now and most definitively my answer to the question from the beginning of this post would have been: No, I wouldn’t change anything. Broken hearts were broken just so that someone else could heal them, broken friendships were broken and served as a valuable life lesson. And all of the perfect moments, well… I can only hope that there will be a lot more of those in the future…

With a new hope and optimism I enter the New Year, full of possibilities and journeys, full of new meetings, chances and hope.

Happy New 2014!



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